West Palm Beach, FL

About Me

Holy Fire Reiki

I am a Reiki Holy Fire III Master Practitioner, and follower of the one true God. I respect and honor all people and all different beliefs, as I have studied numerous religions and practiced several over the course of my years on the Earth. I studied under two phenomenal Reiki Masters in Las Vegas, Nevada, and learned even more from a terrifically talented, honorable and masterful Cree Shaman, and a gifted Celtic Shaman with the most beautiful singing voice I have ever heard. I enjoy my connection to Father Creator, Maker of heaven and earth, and am moved to help others find their path as I have been led to journey along mine.

I like to find the beauty in all things created, whether in the natural or in the man-made. I hadn’t been able to do that much until recently though… Over the past couple of decades as a design and construction project manager in the high paced hospitality/gaming industry I managed hundreds of people across the country from all walks of life. I enjoyed the beautiful melody of life created by team work, witnessed the crashing sounds of conflict, and wove together many threads of business needs and industry changes to create beautiful spaces.

After working 90 plus hour weeks consistently for years I burned out. I landed in the hospital with signs of a stroke or heart attack in my early thirties. I was diagnosed with a seizure disorder that I apparently had my whole life but wasn’t brought to the surface until stressors piled on. I made some radical changes in my life when triggers were setting me off even after I cut back on work hours and was medicated properly. I realized I was in a toxic marriage and got out of it. Then I realized my job was simply toxic. I explored and learned and finally started listening to the still small voice that had to scream to be heard again. It has been quite a journey, and I am just grateful to be alive.

In my off time I now enjoy the peace and tranquility of birds, frogs, crickets, trees and plants growing much more than the harshness of businessmen, and have a tremendous pull for the song of love and inclusiveness that God has asked me to sing with my heart for all that I meet. I make friends wherever I go, I volunteer my time, I help heal, I listen, I love, I continuously pray, and I laugh as often as I can. 

I understand the challenges that many people face going through life trying to make ends meet, trying their best to keep it all together, and maybe trying to find happiness or at least some semblance of peace. I can relate to career struggles, financial struggles, relational struggles (whether with family, friendship, or romantic), spiritual frustrations, eating disorders, co-dependency, insecurities, fears (both rational and irrational); basically if it is a human condition I have gone through it or been close to someone who has and come out the other side! It is glorious to now be able to say, I made it here! I’m not saying I always get it right, as life has this funny way of continuously throwing curveballs to ensure regular and ever changing growth… But I can say that I have been through plenty of hard situations that didn’t look at the time like I would survive, let alone ever be happy again, and here I am in the flesh telling you that I am HAPPY! And I want to help you get that way too.

I hope that you place your trust in me as I have the confidence that there is nothing that cannot be overcome through the incredible power that I have witnessed over the course of my life and I would love to share it with you through the gift of Reiki.