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Distance Reiki

Holy Fire Reiki


Drawing back on the tiny bit of information in the section about faith and trust in a higher power (see: Do I Have to Believe in God?) think about what you consider when you think about your higher power. Is your higher power able to reach you when you travel? When you get on an airplane do you talk to or pray to your higher power? When I pray, I know that the prayer I say reaches a God that created the entire universe, set the boundaries of the oceans on the earth millennia ago, created every species of every insect, animal big and small, set every star in place, and knows the end of time from the beginning.

That is a very large and powerful higher power. Infinite. Distance, time and space mean nothing to Him. Therefore, distance Reiki is a lot like that in terms of limitations. There are none. It can go to wherever it is needed, and as directed, across time and space. Reiki can be sent and felt as a very calming presence anywhere, but it does have to be invited/allowed by the person who wishes to receive it and it must be sent intentionally with focus from your Reiki practitioner who is attuned to the higher frequencies of the powerful energy levels.