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Holy Fire Reiki

I would like to caution those who search for “Reiki” indiscriminately. Not everything is as it seems. The internet is full of misinformation, and individuals can misinterpret plenty of information.

Enlightened beings, guides, angels, and humans do exist and help us from other realms. Jesus himself was not only God, but an enlightened human (yes, the bit that was human) and the undocumented years he spent in the wilderness have been speculated to be years in training as a shaman, communing with the all powerful God as we know to be the omnipotent Being of all things in Creation.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know, just know the absolute truth beyond a doubt without fear?

One can only hope for enough love in their heart to be open to feel the power of this love without fear, no retribution, just love. That kind of unadulterated curiosity, raw and tenuous reaching outward and up is what all of humanity secretly hides in their heart of hearts, and what the Shinpiden seeks to unveil.

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