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Holy Fire Reiki


I bless houses! As mentioned in About Me I trained under a couple of different modalities in the spiritual realm. My trainers are all extremely powerful and gifted and I learned quite a lot about the unseen. In Native American tradition, which is becoming more popular in modern culture, there is a practice called Smudging. House Clearing is like Smudging for your house, but with my services I draw from my training and practice in keeping myself as pure as I can to handle anything that may be there to completely and properly remove negativity and invite Reiki energy into your living space. I purge, purify, renew, and protect your home while sealing it away from anything that you may be unaware of. Contact me for details about this process.


Yes, I work on pets! Animals respond very well to Reiki. I treat all forms of animals, if you need for me to come to you, please contact me and let me know what type of large animal you have. Otherwise, pets are welcome! Reiki generally improves overall behavior and promotes calming and bonding with pet owners. if you have a large animal such as a horse or ostrich (Yes, Reiki works on large birds!) I am willing to come to your home.


If you have a special case where you have a loved one who is unable to travel, I would be willing to consider coming to your home BUT that person has to first consent to Reiki. You can’t do it for them. So please contact me.


As a certified RMA Master Affiliate, I provide Reiki I, II, ART, and Master Training courses. Contact me for details and availability.