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Sessions & Specials


Celestial Archangels Two Month Reiki/Life Coaching Bundle: $333

Includes Four Reiki Sessions and Eight 1:1 Calls (Before and After sessions).

Burning Seraphim Three Month Reiki/Life Coaching Bundle: $888

Includes Ten Reiki Sessions and Twenty 1:1 Calls (Before and After sessions, up to three “after” calls can be distributed)

Guardian Angel Six Month Reiki/Life Coaching Bundle: $1,555

Includes Twenty Reiki Sessions, Twenty Five 1:1 Calls (Before and After sessions up to five “after” calls can be distributed) Text/Messenger Support.

Coming in June: Private Facebook Communities

Beauty Bringers Private Reiki Mentoring Facebook Community, a place to call home! Once a month individual Reiki sessions, once a week reiki group meditations (live), Q&A Sessions (submit your questions you never thought to ask!), advanced Reiki techniques for your toughest issues, and back to basic grounding techniques to keep you solid in the daily foundations. Plus a host of community benefits and training unlike any other community! Cost: $77/month. Benefit: Over $500 value!


Shamanic Peacekeepers Private Inner Circle Facebook Community, a place to call your sanctuary! All of the benefits of the Beauty Bringers community plus weekly personal prayers, ceremony teachings and techniques, learning the art of spiritual lifestyle, participation in live ceremonies, Shamanic teachings, honoring the divine as a community with Q&A Sessions live, Shamanic journey meditations (live) and much more.  Cost: $153/month. Benefit: Priceless. Unlike anything online. NOT ALL REQUESTS TO THE INNER CIRCLE WILL BE ACCEPTED. THIS IS A SACRED COMMUNITY AND THE DIVINE COMMANDS RESPECT.


Reiki Training

As a certified RMA Master Affiliate, I provide Reiki I, II, ART and Master Training Courses. Contact me for details.

Other Services

  • House Blessing Starting at $200* Pricing may vary

  • In Home Reiki $120

  • Pet Reiki (Generally 30 – 45 minutes)  (Onsite only $75)

Forms of Payment: Cash, Check, Paypal

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