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House Blessing/Clearing*

House Blessing/Clearing*


House/Business Blessing/Clearing


Does your home or business feel stagnant? Have you had a transition in your life where you could use a new infusion of positive energy? As a trained spiritual warrior I will clear out any negativity that may have lodged itself into your home and provide tips for maintaining the new positive energy that will be called into your space.

Using numerous divine tools, I will seal, purge, purify, and clear any negativity that has manifested itself in your home, and invite in the highest and best energies to start your life afresh. A true energetic seal and Reiki blessing will be invoked upon your place of sanctuary for consecration and blessings.

The process will last between 1 hour to 8 hours, and pricing varies depending on size/nature of the home or business. Call/text/email for details: (561) 408-5626 or info@angelscoattails.com.


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