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What Is Reiki?

Holy Fire Reiki


Reiki is a form of Japanese relaxation that promotes healing. It allows Reiki Practitioners to channel Divine love into the form of energy which is then used to help with many things that humans are faced with on Earth. Reiki respects free will and will help those who wish to receive the help.


I am a practical, down to earth sort of person who won’t try to sell you things you don’t need or don’t understand. I have a lot of help from my spirit guides and they are straight-forward, therefore so am I. I also have a sense of humor, I like to laugh, and I hope you do too! Laughter is the best medicine. Be prepared to leave with lifted spirits in one form or another.


That’s a loaded question. It helps. But it is not required. Having a higher power however, IS. I was pretty up front in saying that I honor, praise, and worship the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and devout Christians who read the Old Testament know what I’m talking about when I need to make that clarification.

Let me clarify why it is a requisite to believe in something higher than yourself, and in the section about distance Reiki  I also explain why the omniscient omnipresent God that is all knowing, who surpasses all understanding and who heals all produces the best results. You can’t beat perfect!

As thinking mammals, we are given a certain number of talents, which include (but are certainly not limited to) hunting and gathering, reasoning, the ability to collaborate and form social groups, and use crude tools to create things like websites (some of us, thanks JP!). But we weren’t given naturally the ability to regrow cells and stimulate the natural instantaneous healing of emotional, mental, or physical pain on our own. If one gets betrayed by a lover or a family member, it hurts for a while! If I sprain my ankle, I’m laid up from soccer for a few weeks.

If we believe that we didn’t create ourselves however, that there is a power higher than ourselves, whether we call that the Universe, Universal Life Force, God, Spirit, Creator, Heavenly Father, Source, Allah, or any number of other infinite possibility of names that indicate a Divine powerful being that gifted us with the joy of intended perfect life, we know we are loved! And when we know we are loved by a perfect being whose ways are higher than our ways, we can have faith in that love, and we can have trust in that love. When we surrender to that faith and trust; that is when the power comes into play. It is into this power that divine manifests itself into real action and things occur on this realm with tangible (and often instantaneous) results.

Note: Reiki is not medical treatment, nor is it a substitute for your regular doctor. You should always continue to take your prescribed medications even if you feel great after a Reiki treatment. Consult with your doctor for anything healthcare related. Reiki is simply a form of relaxation in the Western culture but many people note overall health improves with Reiki!